Corrections Deputy

Correctional Deputies are responsible for the care, custody and control of inmates who are incarcerated in the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office Correctional Facility, and are awaiting trail while on remand or who have been convicted of a came and sentenced to serve time in the facility.

Deputies are performed under the supervision of higher ranking Deputies and in accordance with operated procedures of APSO.  Correctional Deputies are required to pass a mandatory training session and continue in-service training throughout their career.

Deputies are expected to use the minimum force necessary to carry out their duties and are required to handle a variety of potentially volatile and dangerous situations in a calm, confident and effective manner.


Graduate from an accredited senior high school or GED equivalent.  Possess a valid driver’s license.  Must be a US citizen and be at least 18 years of age.  Must be able to work twelve hour rotating shift assignments and maintain proper attendance.

Special Pre-Employment Requirements:

A psychological exam will be performed, which includes an interview with a Psychologist and a two part assessment performed in office.  A drug screen will be mandated.  A full physical will also be mandated by a physician and a complete background check will be performed, in additional to a background check with previous employers.


Current Openings:

Corrections Deputy, full-time