To the citizens of Acadia Parish,

It is my my honor to serve you, the residents of Acadia Parish.                      Serving as your Sheriff is a privilege I will
never take for granted. As you have entrusted me with another
term as your Sheriff, we will continue to work hard to support the
needs of our citizens.

As we continue to grow as a department, I want you to know that
our staff is committed to serving you and your needs. Not only do
we work in our parish, we reside here with pride, raising our families
next to you. We have a vested interest in the safety of Acadia Parish.

Our Deputies continue to do an outstanding job and I am proud
of their efforts and dedication to serve you on a daily basis. They
are the heartbeat of your Sheriff’s Department. Each year these
men and women continue to grow in education, experience and
performance. It is not only my pleasure serving you but my honor
to lead our team.

I hope that you find this year’s annual report informative, as the
goal of this report is to provide you with information of your local
Sheriff’s Department. I thank you for your support of law
enforcement and ask that you keep all first responders and military
in your prayers.


KP Gibson

Sheriff, Acadia Parish